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Im stuart townsend's biggest fan (read it in disbelief as many times as you want, curse me out, i dont care, ur still wrong) i am his biggest fan. stuart. townsend. r0x. my. s0x. not urs, mine. MINE. ::biggest fan dance::

i wrote that idk maybe a yr ago ^^ neways i never write in this thing nemore, so visit my deadjournal or my xanga. later ^_^
80's metal, about adam, admiral's arms, akasha, ancients, animals, anne rice, armand, biology, black, black metal, blood, bloodsucking, boys, cellos, classical, claudia, combat boots, contacts, cutting, dakota fanning, daria, darkness, darkwave, david talbot, deadjournal, death, death metal, deftones, degrassi, depression, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dolphins, dorian gray, dr. will jennings, dreams, dry cell, earshot, enkil, eroticism, filming, fire, fishnet, fledglings, garfield, gir, god, godhead, goth metal, gothic, gothic architechture, gothic models, goths, guaged ears, guns n roses, guys, gymnastics, hair dye, hairstyles, hallmark, hard rock, hatebreed, heavy metal, iced earth, insaneness, interview with the vampire, invader zim, jay gordon, jesse, jez, johnny the homicidal maniac, kamasutra, karen jennings, khayman, kidneytheives, kittens, kittie, korn, lestat, louis, love, magnus, maharet, make-up, marilyn manson, marine life, memnoch, merrick, metal, mojo, morbid angel, movies, music, nicki, night, nightlife, nny, orgy, pain, pandora, pictures, piercings, plastic surgery, purple, queen of the damned, roaming the mall, rock, rollerblading, santino, satan's night out, schizophrenia, sebastian bach, sex, shooting fish, simon magus, skateboarding, skid row, spells, sporks, stalking stuart townsend, starry nights, static-x, stuart townsend, suicide, swimming, taking pics, techno, the escort, the vampire armand, the vampire lestat, the venice project, the witching hour, the wrong blonde, tom, track, trans-siberian orchestra, trojan eddie, twisted sister, under the skin, vampires, velvet revolver, violins, vittorio, weird body positions, whales, witchcraft, wonderland, xanga, yngwie malsteem